There is no greater cause – than the cause for CHRIST.

Legalize Jesus > is a Christian webzine and a movement to bring awareness to Christian persecution, THE WAR ON JESUS & Christophobia.


Please pray for us.  We believe JESUS is FAR greater than any religion. Religion is man-made, corrupt and flawed.

Religion sucks.  JESUS SAVES. 



The inspiration for doing this is simple… JESUS/Christianity is illegal in 51 countries and one innocent Christian gets murdered every five minutes just for believing in JESUS . 

100 MILLION INNOCENT CHRISTIANS are being persecuted somewhere around the world just for believing in Jesus… RIGHT NOW.   RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND.

PLEASE PRAY for all these innocent Christians around the world who are brutally attacked, raped and murdered just for believing in Jesus.


It’s shocking that no one talks about Christian persecution.  It’s also shocking that it’s not front page news everyday.  That’s two, of the many reasons the ‘LEGALIZE JESUS’  movement was started.

We must stand up for Jesus and our faith.

That’s why we use the pierced/bloody  ‘FIST OF JESUS’ or  JESUS FIST’  as our logo.


RISE UP against the intolerant liberal secular progressive Christophobic mob.

Jesus was a HOLY REBEL.  Jesus rose up against society and “religions.”   Jesus flipped tables over and stood up to the mob.   Jesus wasn’t a wimp or a sky-fairy.  He was the all-powerfull GOD-MAN.   He was a radical.  A Holy Renegade.  He was the ultimate revolutionary.  He changed the world forever.

Legalize Jesus also showcases anything I think is cool, relevant, inspiring or important pertaining to JESUS, Christianity, Christian news and Christian pop-culture.

Christians must come out of the closet.  End the silence.  Stand up for Jesus and our Holy faith.  Combat Christophobia.  Stop the war on Jesus.


RISE UP against the Jesus-bashing secular progressive Christophobes.  If we don’t… this mob will succeed in their mission to criminalize Christianity and our Holy Bible.

Don’t let this intolerant liberal mob bully or brainwash our Christian children.




I am a flawed servant of the Lord.  I’m a Christian activist.

I grew up in Chicago and now reside in Los Angeles.   I attend different churches throughout Los Angeles, but I’m not religious > I’m a follower of Jesus.

Since I became born-again I’ve tried to dedicate my personal and professional life to Jesus.

I help create and develop Christian consumer brands.  I also write and develop Christian themed screenplays / television shows and graphic novels.

I’m not into politics.  I’m into JESUS.  I’m also very PRO-LIFE. 

Thanks for all your support.

Christian Broham


CONTACT ME @  Christianbroham@gmail.com